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Unveiling of the book "Report on the situation of technical and engineering education in Iran"

On October 22nd, The book "Report on the Status of Technical and Engineering Education in Iran", written by Dr. Hossein Memarian, President of UNESCO in Engineering Education and a member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Society of Engineering Education (ISEE), was published with the participation of University of Tehran Press and ISEE. In this book, the situation of Iran engineering education in the 1395-1396 academic year has been assessed. The report of this study is organized in 10 chapters:

  • 1. Technical and engineering education in Iran
  • 2. Technical and engineering training programs
  • 3. Technical and engineering training centers
  • 4. Students and technical and engineering graduates
  • 5. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • 6. Geographical distribution of technical and engineering education
  • 7. Statistics of main technical and engineering fields of study
  • 8. Online technical and engineering training
  • 9. Technical and engineering education in other subsystems
  • 10. PS



Publish Date : 1399/10/10 - 7:42
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