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- 2017


Insights and Challenges of Teaching with Technology in Engineering EducationMay 9, 2017


Global Engagement in Diversity in Engineering EducationJune 1, 2017


Global Perspectives on Engineering Pedagogy; November 30; 2017


A Few Things Cognitive Science Teaches us About Effective Teaching,December2017December 7, 2017




Peace Engineering 2019March 18, 2019


Peace_Engineering_I_IFEES-IIDEA_Webinar_SeriesJuly 31, 2018


Ethics in Engineering Webinar Discussion; August 14, 2018


Peace_Engineering_II_IFEES-IIDEA_Webinar_Series; August 15, 2018


Industry Academia Collaboration; August 29, 2018





Transforming Engineering Education for a Sustainable World; April 3, 2019



Cooperative Problem Based Learning; May 7, 2019


Having an Impact: Globalizing STEM Learning and Preparing Tomorrow’s Professionals; May 13, 2019


Research-based Strategies for Creating Inclusive Classrooms in Engineering; May 28, 2019


- Preparing Engineers to Adress Grand Challenges; June 12, 2019


Game-changer: Women recognising tech-based degrees as broad, fit-for-future and a place they will be comfortable; June 28, 2019


- Closing the gap between Engineering Education field: Open Innovation and ReDefined IdentityJuly 12, 2019


Engineering & UN Sustainable Development Goals; September 19, 2019


- Affective Education and New Technologies starting from Music Therapy to Engineering                        Education;October 4, 2019


- Peace Innovation: Ways to Imagine Engineering and Technology to Build Scalable Peace; October  20, 2019


- Global Engineering for a Small Planet;October 30, 2019


CIOs and IT Executive Leadership; From Engineering Education to Innovations in ICT and Technology; December 2, 2019



 -The Challenge of Assessing Teamwork and Group Projects; December 16, 2019






Helping New Engineering Faculty Members get their Careers off to a Good Start; January 3, 2020



بیانیه IFEES درباره مهندسی صلح و پایداری (فوریه 2020)


Tomorrow, ‘everything’ will be able to ‘see’, ‘think’, ‘do’, and communicate with ‘everything else.’; January 20,2020


Future of Space Systems; January 30,2020



-Engineering a Better World for All Humanity; February 13,2020




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